BMW iX1 (U11) or iX3 (G08)?

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Post by beemerboy »

Hi friends, I'm looking to buy a family-sized EV SUV to keep for > 7 years as I'm paying outright. Here in Australia, the lower specced iX1 M Sport (lacking HUD, Harmon/kardon speakers, 360 view camera) cost the same as a top specced iX1. The iX3 is older but retains physical HVAC buttons, the iX1 U11 is this year's new model but has gone the way of Tesla's touchscreen only setup.

Does anyone who had gone through a similar decision making process have any advice? Or thoughts on which BMW EV is a better buy at the same price point? Cheers.

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Post by PeterJMayhew »

Bought mine outright. Xdrive30 spec plus extra bits. Very pleased but just realised I am missing 360 camera option that was buried in the Tech Plus spec😥
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If AWD doesn't matter to you the ix3 is bigger and all reviews comment on the handling. Other that I would not consider a BMW without tech plus pro pack with 360 camera and I now know a heads-up display is brilliant not just for speedo but Nav.

I would look hard at the overall cost in terms of depreciation as a 2wd X series BMW clearly didn't sell as well and it's dated design As for the lack of buttons the screen is massive and you will find it's not really a problem as certain stuff such as demist is physical button on IX1. Both are brilliant cars and ultimately having not long considered your very question the AWD killed any interest in iX3 but I live in Scotland where weather is often character building shall we say 😄
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