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Post by dannyfoster87 »

Morning all

New here, had my iX1 since 1st September

I seem to have intermittent issues changing charge settings from the app, which then seems to prevent changing settings on the car too.
As an example, last night tried to change the setting to charge within set hours, set this to 00:30 - 03:00 to take advantage of cheaper electric rates.
Setting wouldn't send, kept timing out.
Changed on car, setting looked to stick. So plugged in and left it to do its thing.
Wake up this morning to the car at 100%, having finished at 04:15. I then noticed that the charge says it started at 21:25

So, TL;Dr, set charge window, car ignores it.

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Post by Polly950 »

I have had my BMW iX1 since April. I want it to charge in a time slot 23.30 - 5.30. It often looses those settings although I am the only driver. The BMW dealership where the car was bought recently had the car for three days to reprogram everything but it still won’t hold those charging times. Also, although my key is the only one linked to the car I often have to change the ID from Guest to myself. Anyone else having the same problem?
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Post by Polly950 »

Pleased to hear I’m not the only one. Took my car back to the dealership I bought it from with the same issue. They worked on it for 3 days (they gave me a courtesy car which was petrol and told me to put petrol in it, cost me £30!) and when I collected it the problem was still there. I have to check in the car and on the app every time I plug the car in. I love the car but this is very annoying!!
Also the car does not always recognise my ID, sometimes it shows Guest and I have to select my ID from the menu. This is also a bit irritating as I am the only person who drives the car and we only have one key in use.
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Post by MrGrumpy »

Hi - re: the key not recognising your profile and you having to keep changing from Guest to your profile .... mine did that as well to start with. It didnt stop me changing charge settings (though it might have done, I'll be honest I didn't try!), but it did stop me setting/saving preferences such as lock/unlock functions etc.

Anyway I cant remember exactly what I did but I had to tell the car that my key and my profile were linked. It's linked to the physical key (the idea being that another driver can have the other key and get their own profile/settings). You have to unlock the car with your key, then somewhere in the car dashboard menu settings (I honestly cant remember where), you assign your profile to your key.

Once you've done this it means when you unlock the car with your key it will automatically use your profile, and therefore all your settings (which might (or might not!) include the charge settings)

Hope this helps
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