What kind of range are you getting?

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Collected mine this weekend. So far only done low milage. So will an eye on this thread. I’m used to a high power diesel with a big tank so cam drive like I stole it and not have to worry about range. I can already tell the iX1 will have to be the second car and not the main mile
Muncher. They should have out a bugger battery in it really. But itnis what it is.

Predicted about 220 on 100% charge when collected. Done about 50 miles over the weekend. Now predicting 145 left. Boost is fun but a bite like a computer game power up. My diesel is faster so not a novelty that will last long at the rate it burns battery !!

Realistically for the efficient use of time I don’t expect to get much more than 180 based on experience so far. Which is enough for most daily trips.

Generally very impressed with thr package as a whole. Exterior os very plastic feeling. Looks nice but feels cheap compared to my metal bodywork ICE BMW. Interior cabin great and infotainment seems quite easy even without the buttons. Ride is smooth even on 20s.

Overall happy jf a little disappointed they don’t make a larger battery model. Would live to drive without a care for the % and get at least 250 miles.

Have leased this one as I expect the range tech will increase so will use this as a stopgap. I would have gone with the iX but it looks weird when you’re used to an X5.. and the iX3 is dated inside.

I’ll report back nearer the 1000 mile mark.

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I chose this model for the range and drive train, only to find that the 270+ range is actually closer to 230. I commute 214 in one journey twice a week and have had to stop on a couple of occasions to panic charge.
My typical charge data on a Monday morning after a 10hr 7Kw charge at home is 250+ most weeks. After 10 miles of actual driving, I'm down to 200 electric miles! but strangely I still get to work with 30miles to spare. Weird
I find that trickle charging at home offers more miles than speed charging at services etc
Looking forward to winter - Not
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Yea this car is fine if you are not in a rush or don’t regularly do long drives. I’m usually only charged to 80% and rarely does it quote more than 176 miles. About 22x from a 100% charge.

My commute is only 130 miles twice a week and with a charger at home and at the office it works out just fine.

Otherwise great car, very easy to live with.

Just s shame BMW did not fit a slightly bugger battery pack.
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Hi. I have a June 23 M Sport with every option ticked minus the tow bar. The car is fabulous.
It has been averaging 3.7mkw though I have noticed this is slowly reducing as winter sets in.
Coming from a M3 ultimate pack I was concerned to say the least. That concern soon became joy as I love the way the iX1 drives. I also love the fact it costs next to nothing to charge on Octopus Intelligent through the night!
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